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Our covenstead is in a big old house in northern New Jersey. Like so many other covensteads, it is filled with books. Nearly every room has at least one bookshelf (although, thus far, the kitchen and bathrooms are exceptions to this rule), and the back of our house holds a large library.

As with the covenstead, so this site: here you will find links to many articles and essays that might be of use and interest to you in your exploration of our Path. For your convenience, we have sorted them into a few broad categories and many sub-categories. Enjoy!

1. Earth Religion: neo-Paganism

Although most Pagans were raised in other faiths, we typically feel like we didn't change our religion. Instead we found a name for the religious impulse we always had, and a community of other people who share the same feelings. We call this discovery the "Pagan homecoming" experience. If you have just recently found your way home, welcome! This site is your homecoming gift from Proteus Coven. We hope what you find here will be useful as you deepen your knowledge and practice of the Old Ways.

Overview: the thealogical framework

written back in 1970, this is a classic and foundational neo-Pagan text

a thoughtful description of three different concepts that people have about Deity.

Ethics and Values: guideposts

The most important religious question is also the most basic: what does it mean to live by this?
Here are some preliminary explorations of that question.

The Rede is ours. Here is an analysis of what the Rede teaches us.

a very important discussion for newcomers and for all of us

Earth spirituality: the heart of our Path

Myth and Symbol: our working vocabulary

explains a method for working with any Goddess or God

Personal development: our toolbox

2. Going deeper: priest/ess training

Witchcraft is not so much a separate religion as a closely-related cluster of dedicated Pagan religious orders. When a Pagan seeks Wiccan training and Initiation, this is not a religious conversion; it is a deepening, an intensification of practice. It is also a commitment to serve the Gods, the people and the Earth as Witch and Priest/ess. If you feel drawn to make this additional commitment, here are some things to ponder as you begin your preparation.

What does "Witch" mean?

Many different words in the Hebrew Bible all got translated as "Witch."

Learning to resolve linguistic confusion

Becoming a Witch in truth

a useful tool to help you identify, and avoid, dysfunctional or pathological groups

3. Proteus Coven: one of many doors

Protean Tradition?

Please note: Proteus Coven, and the covens descended from it, comprise a distinctive branch of the larger Gardnerian family tree. This section explores what identifies us as Proteans. It does not imply any severance from our Gardnerian rootstock.

The Ethics Proteans Share

Proteus Coven's training system


  • Links to Protean teaching groups:

Proteus is the shape-shifter. Our daughter covens are fully autonomous. Although we share common core values and ethics, they may well have their own notions about how those values are expressed in training, ritual style, etc.

4. More Resources:

  • Workbooks for Elders: 


  • Cherry Hill Seminary: on-line education for Pagan clergy, now legally able to offer Masters degrees in Pagan ministry, counseling, and religious studies

  • Good stuff at other sites:

            The Wild Hunt: Pagan news blog featuring in-depth reports on news about Pagan issues

The Witches' Voice:  open forum for Pagan news, resources, and opinions

a good site for current events affecting our community.

 Michael Nielsen's Psychology of Religion site

anyone who fully uses the resources of this amazing site
will get an excellent education in the psychology of religion.

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