Empowerment Twelve Steps

Created by Selena Fox in June, 1995 
For use by Pagans in recovery from addictions who are in Twelve Step based treatment programs 

  • Step 1 We have recognized that we have given away personal power by addiction to substances or behaviors, that this has resulted in dysfunctional living, and that it is time to begin reclaiming our power and restoring balance to ourselves and our lives. 

  • Step 2 Came to acknowledge that the Divine Power within can bring about healing change and harmony. 

  • Step 3 Chose to allow the Divine within of our own spiritual path to be the central guiding force in ourselves and our lives. 

  • Step 4 Examined ourselves deeply and honestly on all dimensions -- physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual. 

  • Step 5 Acknowledged to the Divine, to our egos, and to at least one ally what is healthy and what is unhealthy in our bodies, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and souls. 

  • Step 6 Were ready for the Divine within to work transformation to restore balance to ourselves and our lives. 

  • Step 7 Sincerely invited the Divine within to dispel barriers to change and to facilitate transformation. 

  • Step 8 Made a list of all beings we have harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. 

  • Step 9 Made direct amends to such beings as much as possible, except when to do so would cause harm to them or others or make a difficult situation worse. 

  • Step 10 Continued our process of self-examination, acknowledging our strengths as well as our problems, and promptly acknowledging our mistakes and our successes when they occurred. 

  • Step 11 Sought through spiritual activities to strengthen our relationship with the Divine within and to allow this transpersonal dimension of ourselves to be the guiding force in our lives. 

  • Step 12 Having had a spiritual rebirth as a result of this process of healing transformation, we continue our work with these principles and are willing to share our story with those who come to us in need. 

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       and Nora's Pagan/Polytheistic Understanding of the Twelve Steps

    Very strongly recommended: The Recovery Spiral by Cynthia Jane Collins
    (NY: Citadel, 2004) ISBN 0-80652-512-6

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