Counseling Basics for Wiccan/Pagan Clergy

by Judy Harrow, Marjorie Nelson-Brambir and Gwyneth Harrow

The New Grange spiral

Elders' Handbook
6 October 1996 
(Web version - May, 2001) 

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    Table of Contents

    Charge of the Counselor 

    Introduction : describing counseling

  • Critical dimensions of counseling 
  • Ground Rules 
  • When Not to Counsel by Lark
  • Working Models: theories of counseling 
  •  Religious counseling: what makes it different? 
  • Spiritual Counseling and Wiccan Clergy by Cat Chapin-Bishop
  • Willed Change : the spiral process

  • Steps in the Counseling Process 
  • Lark's Counseling Tips 
  • Active Listening: the critical skill

  • What is Active Listening? 
  • Facilitative and blocking responses 
  • Asking Good Questions 
  • Clarifying Values 
  • Empathy : the spirituality of counseling

    Warmth and Respect : the polarity of counseling

    Congruence : getting real about counseling

    Confidentiality : drawing the circle

  • Confidentiality Questions 
  • The Limits of Confidentiality 
  • Confrontation : the dark mirror

  • Feedback Guidelines 
  • Confrontation / Feedback / Constructive Criticism 
  • Applications

  • The Ethics of a Dual Relationship by Ellen Friedman
  • Traumatic Stress information
  • When Helping Hurts: Elders' Handbook on managing trauma and stress
  • for caregivers: Caring for Our Communities and Ourselves When Tragedy Strikes
  • for everybody: What to Do for Yourself After a Community Disaster
  • Managing Conflict
  • Storming: Elders' Handbook on Conflict Management
  • Constructive and Destructive Aspects of Conflict
  • Five Basic Methods for Resolving Conflict
  • Pagan Resources for Recovery

  • Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis? by Selene Vega

  • Out of the Frying Pan -- Into the Fire :

  •      Dysfunctional Families and Group Energy
         by Anodea Judith
  • Candlelight and Praise :

  •       things we can learn from behavioral psychology

    Resources for further learning

  • Bibliography 
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  • May these thoughts and words, and the manner of their sharing, bring good to many, harm to none,
    and glory to the Ancient Gods!

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