We dedicate these notes to all those who seek to learn how to better serve their Gods, their People, and their Earth.

Copyright Notice

All authors, as identified in each article comprising these notes, retain copyright of their work. We claim right of authorship and copyright on our work only. The works of other authors have been quoted and excerpted in these notes with due permission, for purposes of private study and teaching, subject to the fair use provisions of Canadian and American copyright legislation.

We would very much appreciate news about how you're using these notes, feedback, suggestions for improvement, etc. Please contact Judy for this.

This notebook, like all the other notebooks in this series, are our free gift to the Pagan community, and we hope you will pay this gift forward. Accordingly, you may use these notes only for not-for-profit purposes of teaching and study. You may freely distribute copies of these notes for such purposes, provided that the authors are clearly identified and that the text is not altered.

These notes may not be reproduced or distributed for commercial gain.

You may not incorporate these notes or portions thereof in a work for commercial sale.

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Translator's note

by Gwyneth Harrow

These notes were originally created for private distribution as handouts for an elders' workshop. As traditional elders, we are glad to offer this workshop as a free service to the Pagan community, under the sponsorship of any non-profit Pagan group, asking only that you cover our travel and other expenses.

In translating these notes for publication on the Web, some adaptations and amendments have been made in order to address copyright issues, changes in format and readability, and the constraints inherent in broader distribution. The wise reader will, we trust, understand the need for such changes.

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