Thus spoke She who is the guardian of the heart, the speaker of the words of life, singer of Earth and Time, dancer of wholeness, she who weaves breath:

      "As My priestess, you are charged with the care of hearts and the guardianship of life-roads.  To you I give the gift of the steady foot, to walk the path of life with those who ask you to accompany them.  I give the gift of legs strong enough for the journey, and wise enough to know when to sit down and talk with your fellow journeyers, and when to halt and suggest that they reconsider their way, asking one another, their own hearts and the path itself for direction.  I give you the gift of a sturdy back, for the bearing of your own burdens and for when you need to carry someone else or to give others a boost up to a high branch along the way, for two together can reach what one cannot reach alone.  I give you keen senses, to be aware of the dangers and the opportunities that arise on life’s road, to look and listen and smell and touch them for yourself and for those others who trust you to walk their path with them.  I give you a sharp mind and a soft heart, and a mouth that only opens to give good counsel, not to insist, manipulate or condemn.  Finally, I give you ears and a heart that will listen ten times more than your mouth will speak.  With all these gifts given you, oh counselor, I ask only that you use them wisely, with compassion and understanding, and in the service of Life and Love."

Margaret Hammitt-McDonald, PhD

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