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The late, and very much missed, Marjorie Nelson-Brambir received her Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from Hunter College, one of the campuses of the City University of New York, in 1986. Margie worked in day-treatment centers with mentally ill clients. Later, she became a full-time mom, while maintaining a private counseling practice at home. She was part of Aurora Coven in New York, an egalitarian group. Without Margie, the Counseling Basics Workshop, and this notebook, would never have come to be. We lovingly and gratefully dedicate this ongoing work to her. Marjorie
                        Nelson-Brambir with daughter Ellen

Judy Harrow is a priestess, counselor and writer from the New York metropolitan area. Judy received her Masters Degree in Counseling from City College of New York, another CUNY campus, in 1979. She worked for many years in civil service, and retired in April, 2000. Judy has served as High Priestess of Proteus Coven since 1980. She is formerly President of the New Jersey Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values in Counseling and chair emerita of the Pastoral Counseling Program at Cherry Hill Seminary. Judy wrote the "Mind and Magic" column in PanGaia Magazine. She has written two books: Wicca Covens (1999) and Spiritual Mentoring (2002), and edited and contributed to the anthology Devoted to You (2003).

Gwyneth Harrow is a priestess, formerly married to Judy Harrow. Her abiding hobby is editing and publishing magazines and books such as this one. 

Judy will do the Counseling Basics Workshop, and several other elders' intensives that we have developed, for interested groups. As traditional Witches, she neither asks for nor accepts "compensation" for religious practice or teaching. All she asks is that our transportation and other expenses be covered. If you're interested, contact Judy.

We'd like to hear from you. Please email Judy with any comments or suggestions about this book

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