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Protean Dedication Pledges

These are the commitments that students of Proteus Coven make at the very beginning of their formal Wiccan training.

1. We don't tell:

We protect the confidentiality of all who we meet in Circle and all who ask for our aid.
We also respect Traditional secrecy regarding certain lore.

2. We don't sell:

Our work as priest/esses is done for love and need alone. We do not accept any payment for the practice or teaching of our religion, neither in money nor in labor nor in goods.

3. We don't force:

We direct our magic only towards people who have given their prior and explicit consent. We do not practice baneful magic, which is intended to harm others. We do not practice coercive magic, which is intended to control others for our own purposes. We do not practice manipulative magic, which is directed toward others for "their own good," but without regard to their opinions or wishes in the matter.


4. We don't train those who would:

We promise that, if we eventually have students of our own, we will require these same pledges of them at the very beginning of their training.

an it harm none, do what you will!

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