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Links to Environmental Sites

Special thanks to M.Macha NightMare for recommending these sites!
1. The Biodiversity Project
This NGO has included a Pagan presence in its Spirituality Working Group. Excellent resources for promoting awareness of the need for biodiversity to maintain a healthy planet.
2. National Wildlife Federation
The NWF sponsors programs for active participation as "citizen naturalists," so urban dwellers can learn about the wildlife in local parks and even create backyard habitats for wildlife.
3. EnviroLink: The Online Environmental Community
A non-profit grassroots online community providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available. Many links. Also contains green marketplace and animal rights resources.
4. EarthLight Magazine
This Quaker-sponsored magazine explores the relationship of ecology and spirituality, empowering individuals and communities to live and work in touch with Earth and Spirit
5. U.S. Geological Survey
Maps, mountains, wetlands, earthquakes, volcanoes, deserts, minerals - everything you've ever wanted to know about the U.S. land mass. A good way to learn about the body of the Mother.


NOTE: M. Macha Nightmare is co-editor of The Pagan Book of Living and Dying (NY: HarperCollins, 1997). This book is an invaluable resource for anybody dealing with the issues of death, dying and bereavement. Also look for Macha's second book, Witchcraft and the Web: Weaving Pagan Traditions Online and her upcoming Pagan Pride.

You can also visit Macha's web site

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